Current Goals

I’m looking for opportunities to work on narratives direct with production companies and studios using story driven VFX. I try to use VFX only when practical options have been exhausted, I’ll even get there on set and paint that impressionistic skull into your beer foam myself to save a buck and time for your ever tighter deadline.

A brief History

I embarked on VFX career in 2002 after losing my job in the live internet broadcasting in the dot com bust. During those times I sat in my room hitting the help button on Maya for about a year straight learning as much as I could while collecting unemployment. After that I took a 9 week intensive class to cure my imposter syndrome I cultivated in my bubble, turns out I knew more than the teacher and I am not an imposter. Anyway I started working as a 3D generalist for about 18 months before being promoted to running the VFX department at Motion Theory(now Mirada). With two plus years I grew that department of six with no centralized server to 18 people with a custom pipeline with what was a fairly large render farm at the time.

In 2007 I left Motion Theory and moved to New York and freelanced a various Motion Design companies searching for happiness and work life balance, a fool hardy endeavor for sure. I was so disillusioned that I almost went deeper into making the logo bigger and almost started an in house production arm the advertising agency Arnold NY. I’m glad life didn’t allow me to make that mistake for myself, they weren’t ready to pull the trigger and when they were I was booked elsewhere.

Then came film and television. Sweet, sweet long form. Story driven, not product, a long haul marathon, not a breakneck sprint to be forgotten in thirty to sixty seconds. With the iconic few and far between. So that’s where I am, a sweet spot. So let me pour a little VFX sugar and flambĂ© a crispy crust on your creme caramel of a story!

Resume – pdf


09/07 – Current Freelance Senior VFX Supervisor
Film/Television: FuseFX, PowerhouseVFX, Zoic, ShadeVFX, MuseVFX
Commercials: Logan, Thornberg and Forester, Hush, Imaginary Forces, Buck, The Mill, Brand New School

04/04 – 08/07 Visual Effects Supervisor
Motion Theory

01/04 – 03/04 Maya Generalist
Blind: Visual Propaganda


  • Art Direction, Set Supervision, Client Relations, Budgeting
  • Previz, Crowd Duplication, Photogrammetry, Concept Art
  • Set Photography, Led Stage, Matte Painting
  • Motion Control


  • San Francisco Art Institute
  • Otis College of Art and Design